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La Grave la Meije


Two possibilities for mountain-biking around La Grave. Either take the cable car up to 2400 m and enjoy the 4 wild enduro runs ‘La Grave style’ (like in winter, the cable car takes you up… and you come down as you like), or choose one of the many paths available around La Grave, which is set to will become an FFC MTB site in 2014, featuring over 300 kms of track in a magnificent setting.

The cherry on the sprocket is the FFC waymarked ‘Grande Traversée des Hautes-Alpes’, starting from La Grave.

The ‘La Grave spirit’ is blowing through the MTB world.

From the cable car

Lifts opening : from 17th of june to 10th of september

Kilometres of runs: 26 km

Number and colours of runs: 5 freeride runs

Difference in height: From 2400m to 1400m

Unmissable runs

  • L’Avag one : 4,8 km; 1000 m height loss
  • La Chavala : 5,4 km; 1000 m height loss
  • La Desoutter : 5,2 km; 1000 m height loss
  • « les vallons » : 4,8 km; 1000 m height loss
  • Cote Fine : 5,8 km; 1000 m height loss

VTT map by the « AVAG »

VTT map


Contact « les téléphériques de La Grave »

Website +33 (0)4 76 79 91 09 send a mail

The AVAG (Association du Vélo Alternatif de la Grave)

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X-Country area

  • FFC site : coming soon
  • kilometres of runs: 310 km
  • kilometres of runs of « grande traversée des Hautes Alpes » : 91 km
  • Number and colours of runs: 19 itinéraires – 1 green run, 4 blue runs, 8 red runs, 6 black runs
  • MTB events: Ultra Raid de La Meije – Septembre

VTT-FFC Map • La Grave la Meije – Villar d’Arène

Plan VTT-FFC • La Grave la Meije - Villar d'Arène


Contact La Grave tourist office

Website +33 (0)4 76 79 90 05 Send a mail

Au départ du téléphérique

Au départ du téléphérique


Rider au pied de La Meije

Rider au pied de La Meije

Villar d'Arène

Villar d'Arène