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Presentation of the
“Accueil Cyclo Oisans” label, 1,2 and 3 bikes!

Oisans, World mountain-biking capital.
Thanks to its winding roads, challenging climbs, iconic passes and magnificent scenery, Oisans is a wonderful cycling area “naturally” well-equipped to ensure you enjoy a truly memorable holiday.
Once you’re off the saddle, to ensure you can wash, fix and safely store your bike – as well as making sure you are in comfortable accommodation to recover from your day’s cycling, we have introduced a special label welcoming cyclists.

All sports enthusiasts know that practising sport in the right setting makes it a lot more enjoyable… and accommodation plays an important role! This is where the “Accueil Cyclo Oisans” label comes in..

The label is for all cyclists, as it reflects a range of levels of service according to your needs.

1, 2 or 3 bikes ?

ranging from a minimum service, such as a closed bike shed and a repair tool kit, to a complete super service, with meals, support or the provision of a support vehicle, enabling all levels of cycling enthusiasts to find exactly what they need.

Oisans accommodation providers have been quick to respond to this demand and sign up for the label to help boost the quality of cycling in Oisans.

To follow is a table summarising the various levels of service offered by the label.

Service & equipement 1 Bike 2 Bikes 3 Bikes
Locked bike room X X X
Tools for repairs / adjustments Set of keys X    
Set of keys + Track pump X X  
Set of keys + Track pump + Workstands X X X
Cycling brochures and information
(“topo-guide” books, map, Oisans Tourisme information)
Cleaning area   X X
Information & advice at reception   X X
English spoken   X X
Special meals for cyclists
(Breakfasts, lunches and dinners for sports diets, flexible mealtimes)
  X X
Clothes washing service and drying area   X X
Masseur contact details available on request   X X
Well-being facilities
(jacuzzi, sauna and/or hammam)
Assistance or shuttle vehicle     X
Sports coach contact details available on request     X
Oisans E-Bike Service
(provision of a 220V socket for charging e-bike batteries)

Area for accommodation providers

If you are an accommodation provider and would like more information ?

Download the label charter

If you would like to be granted the label ?

Contact Oisans Tourisme : 04 76 11 39 73

Label Accueil Cyclo Oisans

Label Accueil Cyclo Oisans